The first foundation stone of Bursali Metal has been laid in 1968 by Mustafa Aydemir in Bursa. In the first beginning years the main focuses are Metal Polishing and Electroplating.

In 1980 the Company was established in 300 m² by Mustafa Aydemir for (Metal Chair, Table, Coffee Table, etc.) production in Eski Sanayi region in Kayseri, where is today’s company’s head. In 1991 the Company’s name was changed as “BURSALI”. From the first foundation, the Company has been dealing only with Metal working and Electroplating.

In 2001 the Company has started to first export to Germany. Although it was difficult to prove itself in the Market in the first beginning years, today the whole production is exported to Europe and the USA. Our company has become an unexampled Pioneer of the export trend for furniture supplier branch in Turkey.  

Today Bursali Metal is a solution partner and supplier of the well known Office, Project and Home Furniture companies. Bursali Metal is the first and unique Turkish metal parts producer member of the Supplier Alliance (www.lieferantenallianz.de), which is founded by esteemed German furniture suppliers in Germany.

The highest priority is for us “New Investment” according to our customer requirements. The whole processes (Metal working, Polishing, Nickel plating, Powder Coating, etc.) are done by the same hand and our Customers have only one contact to get the parts as completed for the delivery. This is our best advantage. So our customers can focus to their own production details in the Projects and they have more competitive opportunities.

The covered area of the factory is 14.000 m² and the total field is 33.500 m². Total group stuff are 110 in Kayseri. Bursali Metal is founder of the Bursali Futon and BRS Foreign Trade companies. 




Technical Film

Our Production’s Energy is supplied 100 % from the Sun.